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Frequently asked questions

Most frequently questions and answers


Are All African Countries eligible to apply ?

We are committed to supporting you with the best options available.

Whilst some countries like the UK/US do not accept applicants from some African countries, there are available offers in other countries such as Canada, Australia, Ireland etc.


What are the available opportunities?

There a variety of offers available for applicants interested in working/studying abroad.

There are opportunities currently for Health workers (Nurses, Doctors, Mental health workers, Physician Assistants etc), and Teachers.


What are the application processes?

Firstly, we offer a virtual orientation session for interested work/study applicants. Orientation outlines the entire application process to help applicants with all the necessary documentation needed.

Secondly, we offer a one-on-one guide for applicants to journey through the aquisition of necassary documentation (Passport, Qualification certificates, Character evidence, medical evidence etc)

We complete the registration process with applicants to be fully registered as workers/students in available countries and travel arrangements.


What documents are required ?

This list is non- exhaustive;

  • Travel Passport
  • Qualification certificates/ Transcripts
  • Registration certificates
  • Medical evidence
  • Character evidence
  • Personal indemnity
  • Visa confirmation


Do I have to provide all required documents ?

Yes!. Per standard procedures in prospect countries, all required documents must be provided and authentic.

However, we can assist you acquire necessary documents through our home office agents in your country. We contact the required agencies via our immigration consulate.


Are the fees?

Yes. Just as applying for registration in your home countries require fees, some prospect countries require fees to registered as a worker/student.

Some of these fees are refundable depending on your offer by your employer. Whilst some of these fees are non-refundable. We provide more information during our virtual and physical orientations.


Are there tests involved?

Yes!. Per standard procedures in prospect countries, applicants from some countries are required to write practice test to ensure standards.

We will guide you on which tests to write, where, fees involved and how to prepare for them


What if my documents are not in English?

You will be required to upload the original documents in your country’s official language as well as the transcribed versions.

We offer more support on it.


How long does the entire process take ?

This depends on the prospect country as well as how long your systems take to provide necessary documents on your behalf.

All things being equal, your application can be processed from 4-16 weeks.


Can I make all necessary fee payments in my local currency?

Yes!. All payments will however be processed in the prospect country currency equivalence (USD, AUD, GBP etc)