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We are Connect Africa

Connect Africa is an established international education expert and a UK/US resident with educational experiences in the UK and Australia, the major aim is to make education, employment and settlement abroad easy

We dealt with top branded company and institutions in the world. We are trusted by many schools internationally in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland and many more.

Our mission

To be the most trusted customer-oriented consultancy facilitating the processes for Africans to study, work and live abroad


To be the best hub of global opportunities for Africans seeking to work/school abroad.

Our Dedicated Staff

Eva May

International Preceptor

Barbara Vanora

Preceptor - philipines

Jennifer Kanen

Preceptor - Uk

Lin Zoote

Immigration Consulate

Andre Yaron

Passport/visa consulate

Gon Onics

Preceptor - travel

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We can’t wait to begin your travel journey with you.