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Study and Work Abroad with us

We provide varieties of programs for you to work and/or study abroad from Africa.

Nurses Programme

Doctors and nurses from African countries are eligible to live and work abroad (UK/US) in spite of some Code of Practices which has suspended the recruitment of health professionals from 152 countries since 2008.

Even with the updated version, which basically iterates the 2008 code and reduced the list to 47, African health workers can directly apply to hospitals and care homes without any restrictions as the UK has not banned people (including those in the health sector) from the 47 countries from entering the country.

Now in its fourth year, our programme gives international nurses a structured and supportive learning environment that encourages development of skills and knowledge in both cardiology and respiratory care. Scroll through the timeline below to learn more about our programme, what you can expect, and how to apply.

Our programs

Health Workers

African Countries

There are lots of global work opportunities for Africans.

We facilitate work immigration to especially the UK and United States.

With a simplified process, graduate nurses from African countries can be registered to work in health centers in weeks.


African countries/asia

With the global interest from educational institutions, we have a simplified registration process for teachers/educators interested in working in the United Kingdom and United States.

We guide you throughout the entire process.


African countries | Asia

Take advantage of the wide range of scholarship opportunities from top global educational institutions.

Scholarships cover Degree, Masters (Post-Grad) and PhD in all fields.

Stay informed on all partly or fully funded scholarship opportunities.

What makes us different

Dynamic Opportunites

We provide dynamic work/school opportunities for all categories. For all applicants searching for opportunities to work in any sector/agency or school in notable educational institutions globally.

Complete Mentoring

We journey with you every step of the way. To ensure you meet all requirements and timelines from the right agencies for a complete verification.

Dedicated Support

Every applicant has a dedicated Overseas Preceptor that can be contacted via email, skype or call to respond to all inquiries regarding your application.

Global Experience

As a migration agency that champions legal and safe migration,you benefit from a direct application process accepted globally. We have facilitated this process for hundreds of health workers and students.

Hear from happy applicants

“I absolutely love Connect Africa! The entire staff is so friendly and helpful.

I really trust them and would not recommend anywhere else after my experience here.”

- Danso raynold

“I applied to work in the UK as a graduate nurse from Nigeria.

I have been very impressed with the level of dedication from the staff and the explanations on every process. Highly recommended!”

- Oyemechi Agnes

“If you’re looking for a one-stop place for global opportunities as an African, I would highly recommend Connect Africa. The entire process has been so smooth, from the initial video orientation to a successful UK NMC registration!”

- Bandile
(South Africa)

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